Jymka Fitness Classes for Kids
Fitkids Fun Fitness Parties - treat the kids to an adventure packed fun filled day with one of our parties
Keep your kids entertained during the school holidays by enrolling them in one of our fun 'Body n Brain' fitness camps. Packed with cool fitness activities, games, puzzles & experiments!

Jymka fun 'Brain & Body' camps provide a wide variety of fun activities to keep kids entertained, active and thinking fun during their school holidays. And with both indoor and outdoor facilities at each camp, there will always be something fun to do no matter what the weather

Appropriate age-specific body n brain fun activities include: Body fun fitness, Gymnastics,Agility obstacle courses

Multi-sport fun: Soccer, tag-rugby, basketball, rounders

Fun games; dodge-ball, active running games and relays, Outdoor treasure hunts and games, Parachute games

Brain gym fun, Problem solving active games, Puzzles, Board Games, Memory and visual games, Science fun, experiments, Arts and crafts

Throughout the week your child will get the utmost attention and encouragement from our Instructors, and is sure to make some new friends along the way. Camp prices vary depending on the number of days running and location.

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Meet our Expert Kids Fitness Class Instructors

Our expert instructors are police vetted and adhere to the Sports Councils Code of Ethics

What does your child need to bring?
Drinks (water or juice), packed lunch, comfortable clothing and trainers, sunscreen and hat/cap, any necessary medication and a light rain jacket

Reasonable Adjustment / requirements
Please let us know if your child has any relevant medical information when making a booking we may need to ensure their full particitpation.