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Preschool Age Classes

Jymka preschool fitness programmes

Our Jymka pre-school age programmes for younger kids from 2 to 6 years are delivered to the children in Pre-schools, Montessori schools, creches etc.  Each class programme addresses the age specific development stages of the children to teach the ABCs of physical literacy and to give each child a love of being active.  Jymka epxertly trains the staff of the pre-school facility to run the classes so that the children feel very secure and safe when participating in this expert service. For info about providing this service in your pre-school please contact us.

Having Babyseals 2-3 yeasr

Motor development has a powerful effect on social relationships, thinking and language. The children must be motivated to use their motor skills with stimulus to develop balance and co-ordination and to learn fine motor movements.  Studies have shown that the development of motor skills at pre-school stage enhances early academic achievement.
Jymka gives children the first steps towards an active lifestyle! Your child is learning and mastering how to walk and run and will love to join in at their fun Jymka class setting where they are introduced to climbing and basic tumbling skills. At Jymka we introduce and motivate your child to participate in the class activities to include stretching exercises, action songs, hand-eye co-ordination activities, agility games and gymnastic & tumbling skills on the Jymka specialised equipment. Not only will the class activities help to develop strength and motor skills but they also stimulate different areas of the brain which influence the ability of the child to learn. As each child progresses their self-esteem soars.


Bears 4-5 yeas

Having mastered basic movement skills, more complex skills are acquired like hopping, skipping, jumping forward, balance, hand eye co-ordination and tumbling skills. Each movement becomes more accurate and powerful. Children begin to master the relationship between motor function and cognition. The content is wide, varied and challenges the varying age groups.  Activities include:

  • Additional tumbling & movement skills using the Jymka equipment which continue the development of gross motor skills and spatial awareness
  • Yoga & gymnastic stretches and animal-walks which enhances flexibility and helps improve balance, posture and mental well-being
  • Age appropriate games and activities using balls, bean-bags, ladders, parachutes and a variety of props designed to develop fine motor skills and co-ordination
  • More choreographed dance routines to music to improve co-ordination skills and language enrichment
  • Interaction with peer group during the fun class helps to build social skills and build self esteem.
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