Jymka Fitness Classes for Kids
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Primary Age Classes & Afterschool Club

Jymka Multi-fitness Classes

The Jymka multi fitness classes can either be held as an extra curricular activity after school or as the PE class during the school day.  The class programmes teach kids the ABCs of physical literacy relevant to their age and abilities. The programmes include the Bears (Junior & Senior Infants), Wolves (1st & 2nd class) and Cadets (3rd to 6th class) classes which are all round educational and progressive fitness class programmes. The content is wide and varied and challenges the different age groups whilst teaching the full set of fundamental skills.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:                           

  • Circuit activities to promote good balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness which are essential skills for progressing in any sport.
  • Active team games which help foster co-operation and an understanding of fair play and which for Children which builds self-esteem, improves posture, concentration and attention span.
  • Ball fun Games which helps the development of both co-ordination and fine motor skills. We also use bean-bags, and other stimulating props into our activities.
  • Fun gymnastics and tumbling skills to build agility and flexibility.

All Jymka instructors are expertly trained and police vetted to teach the Jymka programmes in a safe and fun manner so that each child develops their movement skills and self-confidence.


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Jymka afterschool club

Primarily this is a child-minding service held after-school for the Junior & Senior Infants and the older classes. The club is based in a classroom in the school and the children participate in an hour that includes structured fitness activities and brain fun thinking.


Body fun fitness 

  • Gymnastics tumbling skills, agility circuits, ball fun and games, chasing games, fun relays, multi-sport games
  • We use many props and equipment for the fun fitness games to include: mats, balls, rhythmic ribbons, hula-hoops, skipping ropes, agility ladders, hurdles, markers, beanbags, parachutes etc. 

Brain fun thinking

  • Creative thinking skills through play
  • Reasoning, visual, memory, maths games, experiments and puzzles
  • Logic games & brainteasers
  • Storytime reading


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