Jymka Fitness Classes for Kids in your school

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Primary Schools:

Jymka provide age appropriate specialised fitness class programmes for primary school age kids that develops all the basic fitness skills required for an active lifestyle. The structured sequential programmes are delivered using our fun equipment which foster the development of essential life skills such as persistence, determination and co-operation leading to confident children with a strong sense of self-worth and social connectivity. The gymnastic element of the programmes mixed with the agility games and other skills taught develop all the fundamental skills to include agility, flexibility, speed, strength, balance and endurance.

We also provide fun 'Brain n Body' Afterschool Club as well as fun 'Brain n body' Camps during the school holidays. Both the Jymka Afterschool Club and camps are structured fun child minding services in the school which also teach fun structured skills, fitness activities and are both offered at affordable prices for the children. For information about bringing Jymka to your school please contact a Jymka instructor near you


The Jymka Preschool programmes are offered as part of the Jymka preschool franchise and are delivered by the staff in the preschool. Each class programme addresses the age specific development stages of the children to teach the ABCs of physical literacy and to give each child a love of being active. Jymka expertly trains the staff of the pre-school facility to run the classes so that the children feel very secure and safe when participating in this expert service. For info about providing this service in your pre-school please contact us today >> Contact Us

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